lunes, 4 de febrero de 2013

Ivana Milicevic

How cool is it to be on a show with such strong female characters?
MILICEVIC: People are like, “Oh, it’s Cinemax,” and yeah, there’s sex there, but not more than any other awesome HBO show. There’s not more sex than Game of Thrones. But, the female characters are so strong and fleshed out. My character is incredible to play. My two characters, in a way.

Only on an Alan Ball show, can you have a flashback of a sex scene during a sex scene, right in the first episode. Were you able to see how telling that was for your character, with how disconnected she was from the present sex scene while being so connected to the sex scene in the flashback, and how much that said about each relationship?
MILICEVIC: Wow, I didn’t even look at it like that because you shoot it different ways. It’s interesting that you say that. Thanks for telling me. I was nervous about that ‘cause it’s full-on. But, our sex scenes aren’t just there to have a sex scene. There’s story happening there, and it’s important to get the full picture. So, you have to watch the sex scenes and not close your eyes.

Are you comfortable with those types of scenes, or do you have to get yourself into a certain headspace?
MILICEVIC: I had never done it, up until this point, and I was okay with doing it here. One, I wasn’t going to do it, ever, unless I felt comfortable. I only have one living grandparent left, so I was like, “Now is the time.” Two, I always said that, if I was going to do it, then do it. My favorite of all time is Sex and Lucia. It’s such a good movie, and how they portrayed sex was so naturally. It was full-on, but it wasn’t embarrassing, shameful or dirty. I tried for that. I wanted it to really be a natural thing. That’s kind of what it looks like when it happens, just in the positions of the geography of bodies, and things like that. I wanted it to look natural. The hardest part of shooting a sex scene are the first seconds when you take off your clothes. You’re like, “There it is,” but after that, it’s liberating. But, I’m Croatian. I’m from Europe. I grew up not wearing tops, so that’s okay. But, it’s a whole different thing when you’re about to put it out there. Then, everyone can say or think whatever they want, after that. But, if there was ever a character I was going to do it for, it was this one. I like sexy stuff, and I like sex.


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